HIV “Cure” Resources

HIV Cure Research Fact Sheet
An introduction to the current state of the field.

Research Toward a Cure Clinical Trials
TAG’s regularly updated listing of clinical trials related to the research effort to cure HIV infection.

An HIV Cure and a Vaccine within the Next 15 Years?
Richard Jefferys, director of TAG’s Michael Palm HIV Basic Science, Vaccines, and Cure Project, reviews the near-term prospects in the latest issue of TAGline.

Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Suppresses HIV in Clinical Trial
A recent example of coverage of new research from the Michael Palm HIV Basic Science, Vaccines, and Cure Project blog.

TAG Cure Research Media Monitor
Providing TAG’s perspective on potentially misleading news stories about HIV cure research.

Cure-Related Research Resources
Comprehensive resource listings on TAG’s website, including links to scientific, community-based, and mainstream media articles.

TAG’s Annual Pipeline Report
Since 2011, the Pipeline Report has included a section on research toward an HIV cure. The 2015 edition will be published in July.